How To Pack and Move a Giant Mirror

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Mirrors are a common household item and one of the most fragile. If you are not careful that family heirloom can be shattered all over the floor.
Please take a moment to read these tips so you can protect your family’s mirrors.

Tape The Mirror

The first thing you should do is grab some masking tape and tape a huge “X” on it from corner to corner. Then if you think there still more room make smaller “X”’s on the space between the larger “X”. The purpose of the masking tape is to create from more stability for the mirror during a move. Mirrors are much more flexible than say a windowpane and thus more prone to breaking.

Bubble Wrap It

Bubble Wrap is an amazing material that can protect even the most fragile items. You will want to carefully wrap the entire mirror in the stuff. Make sure you don’t miss any edge or surface. If you want you could also put sheet of stiff cardboard between the wrap and the mirror for added protection. Then make sure to place it in a slim box. The idea is that you don’t want it bouncing around inside a box, which could break it. Don’t forget to write in black marker “Fragile Mirror” on all sides.

Never Lie It Flat

When you move or transport a mirror it should never be laid flat EVER! Laying it flat is inviting trouble. Someone could think its like any other boxes and lay something heavy on it. ALWAYS lie it on it side to prevent it from breaking during a move.

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How To Pack and Move a Giant Mirror

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