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Most people know that feeling of trying to pack for a move and finding items we thought we had lost. This is probably because we are not fully cognizant of all of our belongings. Even though having a household inventory is useful for a couple purposes besides moving, (ex. insurance purposes) a lot of people don’t consider making one until it is time to pack for the next move. After all, going through all of your belongings requires a lot of time and energy.

However, Orlando moving companies do these on a daily basis, so we can guide you on the daunting process of making an inventory for your next move.

Where to start

Begin by choosing a room in your house, and start listing all the furniture, valuable wall art, and expensive devices in that room. Although there is nothing wrong with sticking to the basics and writing on a piece of paper, we recommend using excel for this since it is always a good idea to have a digital copy of important files. In addition, we recommend keeping separate sheets for each room, so it is easier to keep track of all items.

Do it as you pack

Another pro tip is to list your items as you pack them. This will allow you to keep your move as organized and tidy as possible. In addition, do not forget to label your boxes as you pack since this will make the unpacking process easier once you have arrived at your new home or office.

Grab your camera and get visuals!

If you would like to go the extra mile and be super efficient, it is a good idea to take pictures of each room in your house before the move or even make a video.

Making an inventory of your household will save you time, money and energy in the long run. It will be easier to keep track of your belongings in the moving process; it will allow you to get proper insurance for your valuables, and you will know what you have and what you need for your new home or office.

At Unique Moving Services we offer free moving evaluation and inventory listing. Trust the professionals and we guarantee you will have a stress-free move.

If you are interested in more moving advice, make sure to check out our article “8 Hacks To Help You Pack & Move To Orlando

At Unique Moving Services we offer free moving evaluation and inventory listing. Trust the professionals and we guarantee you will have a stress-free move.

Orlando Moving Company

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