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Moving can be an overwhelming time especially if you are moving from one office to another. In this article, our Orlando moving experts provided 5 tips that will prepare you for your upcoming office move and allow you make its stress free and seamless as possible.

1. Pack early

Do not wait for the last minute, if you are moving your office on your own. Then it will pay to start packing items that you don’t use regularly as soon as possible. Everyone tends to underestimate the amount of time it takes to pack by a couple of days. Now if you have a huge inventory then that could take weeks of sorting, packing, deciding what stays and what goes. So do yourself a favor and start early.

2. Mark or number your boxes

You will want to clearly mark the top and side of every box you have so you locate items quickly after the move or if you need something beforehand. If only mark the tops then if the box is stacked between two other boxes your will have lift them up to see what is there. Now if you have hundreds of boxes then numbering will work better. You have create a ledger in paper or on the computer of the different boxes and what is inside.


3. Packing Computers

Computers are the center of all businesses whether its taking inventory or doing a budget. You will want to make sure your computer is packed carefully. Computer monitors should be wrapped in blankets or wrapped in bubble wrap. Protect computers with heavy blankets and wrap them in tape. Never put them on anything else and certainly do not place anything on them. If you want to make sure your data is protected them purchase a hard drive or an online cloud service so you can backup your data.

4. Tell customers to update your contact information

You are going to have to update your stationery, business cards, website and promotional material. The easiest and quickest thing to update first will be your website. Secondly you will have to notify the post office of your move, your creditors, and bank. Don’t forget to change the information on any bills your send or any other communications.

5. Consider an Orlando Moving Company

If you don’t want to take all of the responsibility of moving your business then consider a commercial Orlando moving company. You will want to get at least three different quotes from companies a few weeks before your move. Make sure they are licensed and insured so you can rest easy knowing that you are protected.

Unique Moving Services is a dedicated Orlando commercial mover with over 15 years of experience with Central Florida. If you are looking to move your business or office then contact us and let us carry the burden for you.

Orlando Moving Company

Are you moving to Orlando or the central Florida area? If you are looking for an Orlando moving company, we can help!

Whether you are moving locally within the Orlando area or moving out of state to Florida, Unique Moving Services Orlando can help you pack, load, unload and set up your belongings stress free! Learn more why we are the best moving company in Orlando, please read our orlando moving company reviews.

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